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Google Allo for PC Windows & Mac: There are many messaging apps is available on the market, most of the peoples are get bored of using those apps. Now you are relieved from all those old desired messengers now step forward to the upcoming messenger app called “Google Allo for Windows 8.1.” Everyone is waiting for the launch of ‘Allo’ the new messaging app Google would provide great features for user convenience and comfort. In Google Allo for PC Windows 8 app, they brought artificial intelligence engine to move this messaging app to the next level of technology development. Google Allo for Macbook is the smart messaging app that helps you more and do more. Here you can express your feelings with Stickers, Doodles, and HUGE emojis & text. You may be heard that Allo is only cooperative with Smartphones and they don’t have the desktop version. But here we were letting you know that how you can download and even install it on your PC. Either desktop or laptop this will help you to fix. It works in XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. Both 32 and 64 bits are supported.

Google Allo for PC
Google Allo for PC

Google Allo for Windows XP is intelligent and smart than other messaging apps, allowing the user not to break off while messaging. Allo is now the challenging app for the existing messaging apps like Facebook, Whats app, Messanger and Snapchat because Artificial intelligence is added now in a text-based messaging app. We came to know that Google will not release any Official desktop version of this Allo app. If your using Andriod Emulators, you can easily get installed. To do that You need to download Allo apk file. Then you can enjoy the Allo app on your PC.

Google Allo for PC – Specifications

Software Name: Google Allo

Software Author NameGoogle Inc.

Version: Latest version 1.0

License: Freeware

Software Categories: Messaging, Voice/Video Calling

Supporting Operating SystemsWindows XP / Windows Vista / Windows 7Windows 8Windows 8.1Windows 10

Os type: 32 Bit, 64 Bit

Languages: Multiple languages

File size: 20.6MB

Features of Google Allo For PC

The salient features of Google Allo PC Download are listed below

Respond Without Typing, In Your Style: Google Allo for PC Windows 10 moving your conversation with a single tap by hinting text and emoji responses based on your personality.

Shout, or Whisper it, to get your point across: For your Text, you can add more meaning by adjusting the font size. When you need more to get your point across, just scroll up to shout, and down to Whisper.

Change any Photo into a Work of Art: In Google Allo Mac Apps, you can show your creativity by adding doodling to your photo or adding text. Here you drawing a smiley face, turn your friend into memes, and mix some colour.

Say it all with the Perfect Sticker: Independent artists and studios design the Stickers in Google Allo for PC from around the world. To add some fun to the conversation t.hey taken words from Drama Llama to food party.

Google Assistant: Google Allo Mac Download can assist you with Google by suggesting the nearby restaurants or theatres you can check out in your conversation. Share videos with your friends, get directions and seek answers with your buddies. To do all these just add @google, then your assistant is ready.

Chat One-on-One With Google: Google Allo for PC is used to get the latest score from games. Then you can get the distance of the airport and the flight timing, and you decide what to share with your Assistant.

Incognito Mode: Start sending a message with end-to-end encryption. Incognito mode also comes with expiring chats with this you control your message to stay how long in the Private notification.

Related Apps for Google Allo for PC

The related apps for Google Allo for PC Free Download are given below & get Google Allo for Mac Download

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Download Google Allo for Windows XP/7/8/8.1/10 PC

The app is not available as a dedicated one for PC. But you can still install it using Bluestacks. Follow the steps given below to install this app on PC using Bluestacks emulator.

Previous Versions of Google Allo for PC

The previous versions of Google Allo for Mac Free Download are listed below & Download Google Allo for Mac Desktop

  • Google Allo Free23.0.024_RC06 (ARMEABI-V7A_XXHDPI) 24.99MB
  • Google Allo Free17.0.024_RC10 (ARMEABI-V7A_XXHDPI) 23.59MB
  • Google Allo Free16.0.024_RC10 (ARMEABI-V7A_ALLDPI) 27.78MB
  • Google Allo Free15.0.036_RC14 (ARMEABI-V7A_XHDPI) 23.82MB
  • Google Allo Free14.0.037_RC13 (ARMEABI-V7A_ALLDPI) 24.39MB
  • Google Allo Free12.0.023_RC12 (ARMEABI-V7A_ALLDPI) 22.97MB
  • Google Allo Free11.0.022_RC10 (ARM64-V8A_XXHDPI) 19.34MB
  • Google Allo Free11.0.022_RC10 (ARMEABI-V7A_ALLDPI) 22.98MB
  • Google Allo Free10.0.037_RC14 (ARMEABI-V7A_ALLDPI) 22.58MB
  • Google Allo Free10.0.037_RC13 (ARMEABI-V7A_ALLDPI) 22.58MB
  • Google Allo Free9.0.037_RC06 (ARMEABI-V7A_XXXHDPI) 17.24MB
  • Google Allo Free8.0.035_RC09 (ARMEABI-V7A_ALLDPI) 20.2MB
  • Google Allo Free8.0.035_RC07 (ARMEABI-V7A_XXHDPI) 16.39MB
  • Google Allo Free7.0.023_RC09 (ARMEABI-V7A_XHDPI) 15.36MB
  • Google Allo Free6.0.034_RC08 (ARMEABI-V7A_XXHDPI) 15.9MB
  • Google Allo Free5.0.021_RC15 (ARMEABI-V7A_XHDPI) 14.34MB

Guide To Download Allo For PC

Step 1: Download Bluestacks emulator to your PC.

Step 2: The open the Bluestacks and search for Allo in the search bar.

Google Allo for PC
Google Allo for PC

Step 3: Then the Allo app will be shown on your screen.

Step 4: Then click “install” and Google Allo will automatically installed through the Bluestacks. Afterward, you can use Allo to stay in touch with the peoples who matter to you.

Google Allo for PC
Google Allo for PC

Guide to Download Allo for Mac PC

Step 1: Download and install Bluestacks emulator to your Mac PC.

Step 2: The open the Bluestacks emulator and search for Allo in the search bar.

Step 3: Then the Allo app will be shown on your screen.

Step 4:  Then click “install” and Google Allo for Macbook will automatically installed through the Bluestacks. Afterward, you can use Allo to stay in touch with your friends.

Google Allo for PC
Google Allo for PC

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Overall Google Allo for Windows 10 is an essential application to find your new date. With the help of Google Allo for PC, you can view everything quickly. For Further Queries about Google Allo For PC Windows Free Download, Please connect below.

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