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Instagram Login FAQs provide the solutions for the frequently faced problems by the users regarding the Instagram Login. These are the solutions for the issues which will help the users get rid of the problems as soon as possible and continue using Instagram.

Instagram app is also available for Instagram for PC, Instagram for Mac, Instagram for iOS, Instagram Apk, Instagram for Windows Phone and more. The best solutions for the most common Instagram login problems are given below.

Instagram Login FAQs

Instagram Login FAQs

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What can I do if I forgot my password?

If you can’t remember your password, you can reset it through your email address or your Facebook account. To reset your password, firstly tap Forgot? Next to Password on the login screen.

To reset through your email address, tap Username or Email, enter your username or the email address you used to create your account and tap search. Choose to Send a Password Reset Email. To reset through Facebook, tap Reset using Facebook. You may be asked to log into Facebook. You can then enter a new password for the Instagram account that was most recently linked to your Facebook account.

For a detailed explanation on Instagram Password Reset with images, click here. Instagram Password Reset with the Instagram Help Center

What can I do if I don’t receive a password reset email?

If you’re not receiving the password reset email, it’s possible that the email is going to your spam filter or that you mistyped your email when first signing up for Instagram. To get your password reset email, try:

  1. Checking your spam filter
  2. Resetting your password through Facebook verification if you’ve previously linked your Instagram and Facebook accounts
  3. Getting in touch with your email service provider to make sure that you’re able to get emails from the domain

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What can I do if my email address can’t be found during a password reset?

If your email address isn’t being found when you try to reset your password, you may have registered with a different email or mistyped your email when registering.

If you’re having this issue, try the following:

  • Tap Forgot? on the login screen, tap Username or Email, enter any possible email addresses you may have registered with and then tap Search in the top right
  • If you’ve previously linked your Instagram and Facebook accounts, you can reset your password through Facebook verification by choosing the Reset using Facebook option

I’m receiving a password reset email for the wrong Instagram account

If you’re receiving a password reset email for the wrong account, it’s likely that the account you’re trying to log into was registered with a different email address. To regain access to the right account, try any additional email addresses you may have used. If you’ve linked your account to Facebook, you can reset your password through Facebook verification. If you think there’s an Instagram account associated with your email address and you don’t own that account, let us know.

What can I do if I receive a password reset email but still can’t log in?

You might want to try sending yourself a password reset email again since the links in those emails are time-sensitive. If you don’t use the link within a certain amount of time, that particular link may no longer work.

If you’re copying the reset link or your newly reset password, make sure you haven’t copied any extra spaces before pasting it into your browser or the login fields.

I can’t connect to the login server

Android and iOS

Some people on iOS may see a “Sorry, we couldn’t connect to our login server. Please confirm you have an Internet connection and try again in a moment” message when trying to log into Instagram.

Some people on Android may have trouble logging in but aren’t getting an error message.


  1. If you get this error when trying to create an account or sign into your account, and you believe your internet connection is stable, try resetting your Wi-Fi router to resolve the issue.
  2. If your phone has service through a carrier (ex: 3G or EDGE), try turning off Wi-Fi and connecting using cellular data.
  3. If that doesn’t help, try opening your phone’s Settings and make sure you have automatic settings turned on for your date and time.

Hope these solutions for the Instagram Login FAQs helped you out to get rid of them and continue using Instagram. Comment below if you have any suggestions for the above solutions.

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