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Instagram is the best photos video sharing application, which has millions of users logging into the app every second. At times the users face few problems while making Instagram Login. They have the option of using Instagram Login with Facebook too.

Instagram app is also available for Instagram for PC, Instagram for Mac, Instagram for iOS, Instagram Apk, Instagram for Windows Phone and more. In this article, we will discuss the problems with Instagram Login with Facebook. Also how to log in with Instagram when you don’t remember your password but with Facebook.

Instagram Login Step 1: Firstly, try Instagram Login with the Username and Password associated with your Instagram Account.


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Instagram Login Step 2: If you don’t remember it just click the Login with Facebook below the Instagram Login.

Instagram Login Step 3: You will be taken to Facebook where you will have to log in to Facebook.


Instagram Login Step 4: Now if you don’t remember your Facebook credentials too! Not to worry click the Forgotten account.

Instagram Login Step 5: Enter your Email, Phone, Username or Full name as in the Facebook and click Search.


Instagram Login Step 6: A message appears saying Reset Your Password with your profile picture on the right. It will give you choices of either mailing the rest link to one of your associated emails or send a text message to your phone number with the reset code. Select the one and click Continue.


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Instagram Login Step 7: If this is not your Profile, Click Not you?

Instagram Login Step 8: In the list showing up as Identify your Account. If your account is one of these, then click This is my account. Still not present, then click I Am Not In This List.


Instagram Login Step 9: Now Find your Account window feature appears asking for any of your friend’s full name.

Instagram Login Step 10: Again Identify your account appears showing the filtered results for your Facebook account. click the This is my account.


Instagram Login Step 11: Continue to Instagram and start using it. You can also Reset Password in Instagram later.

Hope this post helped you out with Instagram Login with Facebook issues. Also, learn how to reset password in Instagram in simple steps. Give away your comments below on Instagram Login.

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